Your idea, your wish

Deltahedra is expert in the design of engineering parts. All our models and studies are done by a graduate engineer.
We start with your idea, make your 2D plan if needed then a first 3D design so that you can see your final product and possibly make some adjustments/changes.

So as to illustrate our workflow, we take as example the design of a bicycle crankset.

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FEA Simulation

After validation of the design and verification of the fully integration with the others parts, we simulate the different forces (static and/or dynamic studies), loads and constraints on the 3D model. It allow us to see where the critical areas are and eventually make some adjustments.

Factory Files

When the previous step is validated, we provide you the factory files you need for making the final product. It includes the 2D drawings with annotations and notes to follow and the 3D model (solid or mesh format for fast 3D printed prototype).

Below, you could see at left an example of drawing (without annotations).

Realistic renderings

We also propose you realistic renderings of the 3D model so as to appreciate your artwork on the final product and/or use them for commercial purposes.

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